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I'm a night and day dreamer. I am right now doing the working, culinary school, and going to as much musical things as possible. 24/7 lesbian. I appreciate people, art, music, comedy, animals, and life.
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Last night is a blur, 2 (the quote is transparent so it matches your blog). Quote vs. Vincent van Gogh


a small collection of somewhat disturbing, but otherwise entertaining posts

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It’s been decided, I’m moving to Canada!

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Friends, this is a monumental addition to the lexicon of how to help kids feel whole in the world - a manual for their parents. Get this for your friends who have queer kids, or whose kids might be queer, or teachers you know. This is essential. #weareyou


The Silence Has Fallen.

(This is actually day three of Joey not realizing his friends are all pinecones. He is not a smart hedgehog.)

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